Teaching You How To Build A Freedom Lifestyle & Earn Upwards Of $10,000 Per Month Without Working 80 hours A Week

Get The Time & Money You Truly Deserve!!!! 

Remember: This Training Will Be Live & Only To A Select Few People...

What's Inside Passive Buddies Accelerator - Pre Launch

  • 11 Modules To Teach You Exactly How To Grow Your Online Income to 10-20k per month
  • ​Facebook Group Community to support & help each other grow
  • ​2 x group coaching sessions per week (FOR LIFE) 
  • ​Opportunity to get $997 per commission 
  • ​Training On How To Build Passive Income
  • ​50% Commissions on Accelerator & Below 
  • ​Additional Commissions on Elite & Above

$997 Deadline - 06/24/2022 (June 24th)

$1997 Pricepoint starts - 06/25/2022 (June 25th)

Modules Included In The Program

Module 1 - Get Started

Welcome to making passive income online. In this module you will gain all the foundational technical set up to ensure you are set up for success.
No need to worry if your not a technical genius - neither am I :)

Module 2 -  Online Business Millionaire Mindset 

Breaking free of the 9-5 takes more than just physical action. We have to rewire the way we think about money, how it operates and how we can attract the 6 & 7 figure incomes into our lives. 

Module 3 - Personal Structure to 6 figures 

Building an online passive income business will take some discipline to start with.. Think about it it's an 'Online....Business'. Growing a business will take some active work to start with but if you follow our blueprint it wont be long until you turn this business passive.  

Module 4 -  Organic Marketing Strategies  

When You begin your online passive income journey you wont want to pay for paid traffic. The Idea is that the income that you bring in is yours & can help you on your way to freedom not tied up in an ads budget.

That is why we give you everything that works with FREE marketing strategies to help you make sales without the overheads.

Module 5 - Conversion Conversation Messaging 

If your told business and passive income is a numbers game you have been told wrong.
Business is a relationship game & you don't rush them into bed.
This module is all about getting the highest conversions from your conversations and ensuring the relationships you build will pay you forever.

Module 6 -   Long term & Short term strategies for income   

The first 5 modules are focused on gaining higher ticker income that allows your to break free of your 9-5 & get you your freedom income. This module is all about flipping the passive income triangle and building the monthly recurring income and compounding income that allows you to never worry about money again.

Module 7 - How To Build A Successful Youtube Channel

Youtube is a golden opportunity for you to build passive income in multiple forms. Building a Youtube channel allows you to get off the content hamster wheel. Utilizing a successful Youtube channel will lead you to blowing up your passive income.
We will teach you step by step how to do this.

Module 8 -   6 Figure Copywriting (Emails, Funnels & more)   

Copy sells & there is no doubt about that. If you want to bring in sales 24/7 - 7 days a week. If you can make money while you sleep then you've made it!!!! Copy writing is a key foundation to the ability to make those passive income sales. We break down the different types of formulas that gets conversions every time.  

Module 9 - How To Become The Expert In Your Niche

Every niche is being called 'saturated' in today's world and while competition is good & there is a lot of competition. We are experts in getting you out in front & help you positioned as the go too in your niche.

Module 10 -   Commission Spiking    

 Want to predictably spike your income when ever you want? Thought about different ways to afford what you want when you want? We take you by the hand and show you how to spike your commissions with our exact blueprints and posting schedule to.
Want an extra $10,000 when you feel like it? This is the module.

Module 11 -Blogging your way to passive income 

 Blogging is still very much alive and utilizing blogs to bring you income 24/7 is a great ever green content piece that allows you to rank in google for potential buyers with greater intent. Build a following while remaining faceless and generate those $5,000 - $10,000 a month residual incomes.


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What's Included? 

  •  11 Modules Teaching You How To Make Money Online
  • 2 x Live Group Coaching Calls Per Week
  • ​Facebook Group Community to Support & Enhance Your Skills
  • ​2 x Funnels To Import Into Your Own Business
  • ​Additional Commission Opportunities inbuilt (Including opportunities for commission on $15,000 products 
  • ​50% Commissions available on the Passive Buddies Accelerator & Products Below 

Total Value - $7,000

Total Cost - $997


  • Do I need To Have Technical Experience?:  We Give You The Funnels & Tech To Import
  • What If I don't Know How To Sell?: You Can Sell Our Products & not worry about fulfillment
  • What Software's Do I Need?: We recommend a funnel builder($97pm & An Email Responder $15pm
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